21 of the Worst Texting Mistakes You Should Never Make

Don't Even Think About Making THESE Mistakes !

21 of the Worst Texting Mistakes You Should Never Make

We bet you have made most of these texting mistakes more than just once.  You probably didn’t even think they were actual mistakes at all.  But after reading our post, we hope your love life benefits from these tips.  Don’t let these mistakes sour your relationship.  Instead follow our tips and use texting to help spark more sexy fun when you’re together in person.

*Note – Most of these mistakes are important for everyone to pay attention to.  Some might not apply to everyone, but they are a great rule of thumb.

  • Turn off auto-correct – How many times have you read the Facebook posts of the poor people who sent really embarrassing texting mistakes just because they forgot to turn off auto-correct?Autocorrect texting mistake example
  • Accidentally texting the wrong person – Same thing as above…surely you don’t want your parents to see the pics you send to that guy you’re chasing now do you?  SLOW down just enough to always make sure before you hit Send that what you typed is actually going to the person you want it to goto.
  • Too many emoticons – Sure they’re cute ladies…but not so cute you need to use an emoticon for each text you send.  Try to limit them and say more with your words.
  • Too many OMGs too many LOLs or xoxos – Ladies….enough said right?
  • Asking too personal questions too soon – Leave the personal questions for face to face conversations…of course if a person starts volunteering that info…roll with it accordingly.  At some point though, we need to remember, emotional conversations need and deserve to be shared face to face where the other person can see and feel what you are saying and not just the words.
  • Not being funny – Being boring – too much small talk texting –  Get to the point!  Be playful.  Let the person know you’re thinking about them.  Let your text be a message that entices the other person to want to see you soon.  This is one of the most common texting mistakes.  Less is More!
  • Talking about your job or theirs too much – This is kind of in the boring category.  If you are still in the “getting to know you” phase, then keep it short and leave the details to time spent together.  Most often people who text a lot about their jobs are complaining when they do…nobody wants to listen to a complainer on a regular basis do they?
  • Revealing physical problems too soon – Nobody needs to know about your chronic hemorrhoids or your blood pressure medicine in the early stages of a relationship.  Depending on what condition you may have, it might scare them away.  As long as you’re not contagious…save that information for down the road.

  • Resending the same text if you don’t get an answer – That just shows the control freak coming out in you.  That’s never pretty.annoying text example
  • Interrogation if answer doesn’t come fast enough – Same as above.  If you really need an answer that badly, just call them on the phone instead of texting.
  • [doeshereallyloveyou]

More Texting Mistakes To Avoid

texting mistakes scrape

  • Lame excuses over text — traffic…work…flat tire…if any of those are actually true…then tell them in person…Maybe ask them to call you or give them a call yourself.
  • Texting while on a date…turn the phone off unless you have that friend who’s gonna check in on you and give you “the out” to get away if it’s your first date.  If not, then at least put your phone on silent…AND turn off vibrate too so you’re still not constantly tempted to look at your phone.  Check your phone each time you go to the restroom in private.
  • Mass or group texting private details – Always be careful here, no explanation needed
  • Last minute invitations – (sounds like your other date just cancelled)  Once again, a real phone call works best if you really want someone to change their plans at the last minute.
  • Lacking confidence – Even in texting being unsure can be obvious.  Try being more confident in your texts and soon it will come out in your face to face encounters as well.
  • One Word Responses – being sexy or flirting can just not be done properly with a one word response…in most cases.  Always add in something playful…short is good…one word isn’t enough.
  • Emotional conversations – Never over Text!  You both need to hear each others voices…even better see each others emotions and expressions.
  • Being Too Pervy Too Quick – Always test the waters slowly…See our
  • Sloppy Drunk Messages – Sure when we’ve had a few our confidence goes up and we feel more free to send that over the top text…Depending on where you are in your relationship…BEWARE!  Sloppy drunk messages should be for your buddies…not for someone you’re romantically pursuing.
  • Text Bombing – Don’t send 10 texts if you only got one response after the first txt
  • Breaking Up Over Text –  Have some integrity here people!

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