What Is a Bad Texter

Bad Texter

What Is Bad at Texting?


Are you a bad texter or is one of your friends a bad texter? Is there a certain person or even a couple people you just don’t respond to quickly?  Or maybe you have a friend or two that doesn’t respond to your texts?  Maybe the excuse of “I’m just a bad texter” is something you’ve heard or said before?

“I just never check my phone” or “I hate texting” are comments you hear when you’re face to face.

And then, when you are face to face, it’s all smiles and updates on their “status” as if you were besties.

And out of the blue, while you’re together at the same event…Boom!  You see this person texting somebody else over and over?  Really?

When you ask “Who ya texting?” you get a simple reply of something like “a co-worker” or “my boyfriend”  or my brother.

And then it hits you…they are NOT a bad texter…but more accurately, a bad friend.

The evidence is in…they CAN text others regularly…just not you.

So where do you go from here?

2 Options

You can play the same cat and mouse game and keep doing what you’re doing that isn’t working


You can just stop texting them altogether and focus your time and energy on someone else who is genuinely interested in you and your life.

Are YOU the Bad Texter?

The same advice applies…stop pretending to be interested in someone you’re not.  Don’t suggest you’re a bad texter…simply tell them like it is maybe?

“Dude, I don’t have time to wipe my own ass lately”

“I’m sorry,  my own mother gets mad at me for not making time for her either”

“I can’t keep up with my own needs right now”

“I’m a bad friend, sorry”

These are all just ideas for subtly sending a truthful message of “You’re just not a priority in my life right now”.

Example of Bad Texter

So, in the end, it’s highly probable that this other person is going to want to get together…or maybe it’s YOU who is wanting to get together with someone who is non-responsive.

Again, You Have 2 Choices

  • Don’t ask
  • Don’t agree to try to make it happen

“It was good to see you…maybe someday my life will level out and we can start where we left off”

“I can’t commit to anything right now…until my life and all my chaos settles…who knows…hopefully that will happen soon.”


Don’t Lead Someone On!

Promising you’ll text someone you don’t want to text is not the nice thing to do.  Asking someone to text you that you never get responses from is just a pipe dream.  If you’re the one asking for texts..or a relationship connection for that matter..and it doesn’t seem to be mutual…it’s time to move on.

Don’t let your feelings be hurt.  People are people and not everybody can be BFFs, right?

I’m betting you already know who your bestie is and if you don’t have one right now, that’s ok too.  A real best friend will come to you all on their own, it’s a mutual thing.

Lastly, all of this bad texter excuse stuff applies equally for romantic interests too.  If someone is interested in you, you’ll know.  If you’re not interested in someone, don’t make excuses.

Tell the truth, go easy on them…and be done.  Short, sweet and simple.

Don’t Be a Bad Texter!

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