Weird Places To Have Sex Quiz – Laugh & Learn Today

weird places to have sex

How Many of These Weird Places To Have Sex Have You Experienced?

Review our List Below and See Just What You Could Be Doing INSTEAD of the Same Ole Same Ole ! 

Warning – Adult Oriented Quiz

There are soooo many weird places to have sex these days.  How many can you check off on this list?  How many of these weird places would you LIKE to add to your list?

***All places are worth 1 Point each unless otherwise noted***

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 Weird Places I Had Sex Quiz

Please be honest with your answers!

Check the weird places to have sex that YOU in your lifetime have "enjoyed" ...

1. In a church   (worth 3 points)
2. In jail  (worth 3 points)
3. On the toilet.
4. In the shower
5. In a hot tub
6. On a picnic table
7. In a car
8. In the bed of a truck
9. Anywhere in public with people watching  (worth 3 points)
10. On a pool table
11. In the back of a taxicab
12. On an elevator  (worth 5 points)
13. ON the beach
14. In a hospital
15. In the back of a hearse  (worth 5 points)
16. In a coffin  (worth 5 points)
17. On an airplane
18. In a laundry room ( on washer or dryer)
19. on the school bus  (worth 3 points)
20. on a trampoline
21. in a cemetery on a grave  (worth 3 points)
22. in a public swimming pool
23. in a hospital bed  (worth 3 points)
24. on the ground outside in the rain
25. in parents bed
26. in a gym locker room  (worth 3 points)
27. on a football, baseball, soccer or other sports field   (worth 3 points)
28. on the kitchen table
29. in a tent
30. in a funeral home  (worth 3 points)
31. in a classroom  (worth 3 points)
32. on a desk at the office  (worth 2 points)
33. under a waterfall
34. in your high school building  (worth 2 points)
35. on the couch
36. on the stairs
37. in a VIP room of a gentlemen’s club
38. on a high rise building rooftop  (worth 5 points)
39. in a barn
40. in the backyard on the ground
41. in the hallway or stairwell of apartment complex  (worth 3 points)
42. in a car inside a car wash
43. in a semi truck
44. in a limo
45. on the roof of any building  (worth 3 points)
46. at a library  (worth 3 points)
47. with either partner being suspended from ropes  (worth 5 points)
48. under the bleachers
49. in a dentist’s chair  (worth 3 points)
50. at a motorcycle rally with spectators  (worth 5 points)
51. on the hood of a car
52. in a sex swing  (worth 3 points)
53. on the side of the road In the grass  (worth 3 points)
54. on a train
55. on a boat
56. at a wedding  (worth 2 points)
57. on a golf course  (worth 2 points)
58. while driving
59. in a movie theater  (worth 3 points)
60. in the bathroom of a gas station   (worth 3 points)
61. in a department store fitting room  (worth 5 points)
62. in the kids bed
63. on the front porch  (worth 3 points)
64. in a parking garage  (worth 2 points)
65. on a motorcycle
66. on a construction job  (worth 5 points)
67. in the snow - outside - no tent or shelter  (worth 3 points)
68. in a bar in plain sight  (worth 5 points)
69. at a concert or party in public with people watching  (worth 5 points)
70. at a porn movie
71. in a porta john  (worth 3 points)
72. on a gynecologist table using the stirrups  (worth 5 points)

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Leave us some feedback below of the weird places to have sex that you crossed off your list!  We may just add your experience to our post!

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1 thought on “Weird Places To Have Sex Quiz – Laugh & Learn Today

  1. Wow what a list! I don’t have that many but I do have one one weird place I had sex that’s not on your list… a TREEHOUSE ! hahahaha

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