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weird places i pooped

How Many Weird Places Have YOU Pooped?

Weird Places You Pooped

We’re not talking about your uncles house or in New York City…we’re asking Types of places or general locations!  The Weird Places I Pooped Quiz is a great test to share with friends at the bar or at a party.  As you browse through all the weird places people have pooped, remember that each and every one of these locations have been documented as legitimate locations where real people have dropped a turd in real life!

Let’s Face it, talking about Poop is Fun!  So confessing weird places people have pooped is not just fun, it breeds story-telling.

So Let the Turd Cutting Stories Flow!

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 Weird Places I Pooped Quiz

1. In a sink
2. In a urinal
3. In a bathtub
4. In a shower
5. In a 5 gallon bucket
6. In a backyard
7. In your vehicle with the doors closed
8. Sitting on the edge of your vehicle on the floorboard with your door open
9. In the woods
10. In your pants
11. Standing up
12. In an ocean, pond or river - your butt being under water
13. In an airplane
14. In a porta john
15. In a swimming pool
16. In a hot tub
17. Leaning up against a tree
18. In a tree -yes climb the tree first - THEN poop
19. On a bus
20. In the opposite sex's public restroom
21. On a boat
22. In the snow outside?
23. In a cotton field?
24. In a corn feild?
25. In a barn?
26. In any kind of Tupperware container?
27. In bed ?
28. During sex?
29. In an outhouse?
30. In an alley?
31. In your boss' executive suite restroom?
32. In public -not in a public restroom - IN PUBLIC - with people watching?
33. In a cemetery?
34. On a roof?
35. Dug a hole - pooped in it - covered it up (Be all you can be - Go Army)?
36. On someone else's porch or sidewalk?
37. In a paper bag?
38. On someone's desk?
39. Under a bridge?
40. Wiped your ass either on the ground or on the floor (something soft lets hope)?
41. Off an overpass dropping your dookey on the cars passing below?
42. In a diaper - as an ADULT?
43. In a camper?
44. In a junkyard?
45. Sitting over a sunroof on a car?
46. Sitting on a handrail of a deck?
47. Inside of a tire using the tire as a throne?
48. In a cave?
49. In an ice machine like they have at the gas station?
50. In a closet?
51. In a toilet that wasn't hooked up to working plumbing? (oops, sorry...can't flush that pile!)
52. In a vacant house
53. In the back of a cop car?
54. In a jail cell?
55. In a putting green hole?
56. In a toddlers training potty (As an ADULT)?
57. Off the SIDE of a toilet...missing the bowl on purpose?
58. In a cardboard box?
59. In a trash bag?
60. On the beach - no not in the restroom or porta-john on the beach - JUST THE BEACH?
61. In some one else's coffee cup or glass?
62. In a hat?
63. In a toolbox?
64. ON anything that belongs to someone else (NOT someone else's toilet)?
65. In a trashcan?
66. In a dumpster?
67. In a mailbox?
68. In a washing machine or dryer?
69. On a coffee table?
70. On a glass tabletop (was someone else watching while you did it??? )?
71. In or on aluminum foil (back in the day this was how we were told to bring a stool sample to the doctor...)?
72. Pooped in a cup?  (Remember the video?)
73. Leaning up against a building?
74. In a container or box wrapped up as a gift?
75. In a drawer?
76. In a tent?
77. In a litter box?
78. In a phone booth?
79. On a roller coaster or amusement park ride?
80. In a parking garage?
81. On the side of the road?
82. In a dressing room?
83. Pooped In a groundhogs hole (any other animals hole qualifies)?
84. In a cooler?
85. On any base of a baseball field (pitchers mound qualifies too)?
86. On a football field?
87. In your hand?
88. On someone else?
89. In a shoe or boot?
90. Out a window?
91. In an elevator?
92. In a park or playground?
93. In an Asian squatter toilet?
94. In a pizza delivery box?
95. On a train?
96. In an overflowing porta-john (where the poop level is ABOVE the seat)?
97. In a manhole or sewer?
98. In a hollowed out stump?
99. On the stairs?
100. In a bedpan?
101. On a toilet SEAT (see pic for qualifications)?

turd on seat
102. Bonus Question - Worth Extra Points

Have you ever taken a picture of your "Pile" AND showed it to someone else!?????

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