Tips To Make Him Fall For You

3 things to catch Mr Right

Tips To Make Him Fall For You

Tips To Make Him Fall For You – In All Stages of Your Relationship…it is totally possible to keep that spark so hot and alive that he will ALWAYS see you as the gem you are and the one of a kind pearl you’ve always knew you were and wanted to be.  We are going to outline the three biggest most powerful tips to make him fall for you that will surprise you beyond belief…

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Tip #1 – Trigger a feeling of positive discomfort in his brain.

Now that sounds like a contradicting statement, doesn’t it?  And why would I want to make a guy uncomfortable if I want his attention?  The first of the tips to make him fall for you is an undeniable truth from the ages.

There is an age old truth that points out we as humans value most the things we work hard for.  Men seem to be born this way on an even deeper almost instinctive level than women.  Like the old saying goes, we want what we can’t have….BUT

That does NOT mean you should play hard to get!

That actually backfires more often that it succeeds.  Men love a good tease…but only to a certain point…and then…boom, he’s turned off and moving on to the next greatest pursuit.

What we really mean by positive discomfort is creating a mixture of pleasure and discomfort at the same time.  The best “recipe” for this pleasure cocktail is 90% pleasure and 10% discomfort.  When delivered in the right ways in the right amounts it will create a sense of passion and desire within a man’s mind and body that he just can’t control.

That tiny little 10% keeps him guessing…and dying to know what he hasn’t figured out already.

This revs up his emotional intensity when he is both with you and apart from you.  He will LOVE chasing you, pursuing you, wooing you…and earning your next favor.

I know it sounds crazy…but this was even true for your parents, grandparents and before!

The best part is that this method will work for dating, AND marriage!

Keep reading and we will share a super easy way to put it into action soon…before that, see the second step.

first tips to make him fall for you

#2 – Tips To Make Him Fall For You – Re-Work His Point of View

Have you ever been friends with someone who has fell head of heals in love with someone that just didn’t make sense to you?  They weren’t all that good looking, or even smart…super skinny or the opposite…maybe they had a really annoying laugh…but your friend just thought the world of them?  Of course you have!

The most important thing to note here is that your point of view is NOT their point of view!

They see something totally different.  They have “Desire Glasses” or “Passion Lenses” on and see things you’ll never be able to see or experience.

We’ve all seen that, right?  Well, the good news is you too can make that happen in your life.

This time you can actually make that happen where YOU are on BOTH the Receiving and Giving end! 

You don’t have to be extremely intelligent, educated, skinny, have a large chest or any other feature.

All you really need to do is make small easy adjustments in your approach…yes SMALL adjustments.  By making certain small tweaks you can make the guy of your dreams think that you are one of the most interesting women he’s ever met in his life.  He will see you as this special one in a million lady he would consider himself to be “lucky” to have in his life.  And, most importantly, he would be right!

Don’t stop reading yet, we will show you a super easy method to re-work his point of view of you completely…and establish yourself as his only and best possible choice. We know, get to the punchline already!  Before you go anywhere or do anything, you gotta see the next tip…it’s the Biggie!

#3 – Tips To Make Him Fall For You – Appeal To His Manly Side

Every guy is genetically wired to need to be a provider and a protector.  IF you’re interested in one who isn’t…maybe you should run!  When he fulfills this life calling he feels like a real man and that he is as good as or even better than all the other men around him.

Men are competitive whether they admit it or not.

IF you can awaken the masculine side of a man and feed his genetic purpose in life he will feel a very real primal desire to protect you, to love you, and to go above and beyond for you.

Of all the tips to make him fall for you, this one is incredibly powerful.  Yet, it may not be quite as simple as it sounds on the surface.  As soon as you accomplish this task as only YOU can, he will go out of his way to do loving things for you…he might even feel obligated and responsible for your happiness.

Most women feel like the only way they can get a man to fall in love with them is by doing a lot of nice things for them, dressing sexy and or even putting out really early in a relationship.

Believe it or not…those things can actually REPULSE and REPEL him instead!

So now you have the “tasks” laid out in front of you, and all that is left is putting them into motion, right?

More Tips to make him fall for you

The Most Powerful Tips To Make Him Fall For You Are:

  • Trigger a feeling of positive discomfort in his brain.
  • Re-Work His Point of View
  • Appeal To His Manly Side

So What Do You Actually Do?  Good Question…

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