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Send Naughty Romantic Sexy Texts with 1 click or review hundreds of other pre-written romantic texts and sexting examples.  Review over 300 and growing examples of romantic, adult rated dirty texts, and erotic texts for her and for him.  Don’t forget the romance factor and see all our romantic resources filled with ideas for romantic things to do as well as Sex Tips and Tricks for a Lifetime.  You are guaranteed to learn something…


Tips For Sending Sexy Texts

Love CompatibilityHere’s the thing… Most of us want to whisper filthy nothings in your ear—it’s just that the thought of getting it wrong terrifies us.  Nobody wants to sound or look stupid. Too hardcore and we will be judged…too lame and we will be laughed at.  Many fear saying such sexy phrases out loud thinking we might get laughed at.  Sending Sexy Text Messages is a powerful and easy way to break the ice and open a relationship up to a new level no matter how long you’ve known each other.




Heart Felt Romantic Sexy Texts Ready To Send


Why is this so hard ?

Ah yes…the word “Dirty” is in “Dirty Talk”…some of us were just raised to be good little boys and girls.  As much as we want to…being “Dirty” or “Talking Dirty” just seems to be one step out of our reach.  That, my friends is all in our minds!

MORE IMPORTANTLY, you don’t even have to use actual dirty or vulgar words to send effective sexy messages.  The key is creating a mental image of what you are thinking or visualizing when you send that text.  By sending out a romantic sexy text message today you’ll create a profound feeling of connection with your partner no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

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Confidence – Where Can I Get Some?

Sexy Talk and Sexy Messages Will Build Your Confidence!Share Romantic Text Messages Below!

SexyText101 only wants to help you with that by adding more visualization examples to your arsenal.  If you have over 100 phrases in the back of your mind, then you should be able to pull up at least 10 of them during crunch time, right?  Remember that sexy text messages are even more accepted than face to face dirty talk for many.  We make it even easier by giving you over a hundred examples to send to your beloved with a single “touch” on your phone. Be open…be honest…and let your mate know how much they turn you on.  It’s really that easy.

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So Where Do You Start?

We all need to start with “feeling our partner out” intellectually, mentally, sexually, and believe it or not, spiritually.  Acknowledge the learning curve as a process…and travel it with both caution and respect.  Start with something mild…and you might just get surprised by their reply.

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I once read somewhere that the wisest of people don’t spend their money on things but they spend them on experiences…

Can we not also apply that to our time?  Could we not also say that the wisest of people spend their time on experiences and not acquiring things?

We at SexyText101 Challenge YOU to reach for MORE Sexuality, Sensuality, and Intimacy than you ever saw possible regardless of the upbringing you had.

I’ll leave you with one question:

Why Not?  What Do YOU Have To Lose?

Start out slow… pick romantic sexy texts that are mild…and see what kind of Share our Romantic Text Messages Below!response you get.  Build from there.  Always let your partner determine the pace of how far and how fast you go.  To over simplify things, it’s never a bad thing to ask when you’re not sure ” Do you like it when I say things like that to you?”  A vast majority of our sexy texts are mild in language…yet paint a vivid picture.  If you’re instinctively shy, stick to our 100 plus romantic texts or simply don’t use the messages that you aren’t comfortable with.  Of course, there are some that don’t mince words.  We have a wide range of sexy texts for her and others to send him.  And of course, you can always use YOUR imagination and come up with your own after reviewing over 300 + examples here on this site!  No where else will you find this many examples on just one site.

Regardless of the stage of your current relationship, sexy texts can open a new dialogue that can lead to an even greater sense of intimacy, which can only strengthen your relationship…or at the very least…help you enjoy the moment while you’re in it.

Enjoy our Quizzes…Enjoy our Sexy Texts but more importantly,

Enjoy Each Other to the Fullest!

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