Sexy Text Abbreviations

Sexy Text Abbreviations

Sexy Text AbbreviationsLet’s face it, we live in an abbreviated world and sexy text abbreviations are not only convenient, but they can be fun too.  Picture yourself texting the person you love or just the person you lust after…and out of no where you get a crazy abbreviation you’ve never heard of.  You know these letters or numbers or symbols are most likely a sexy abbreviation…but what is it?

So Your partner makes you guess a few times…and you still can’t get it or figure what this sexy text abbreviation means….

It almost…yes I say almost, becomes foreplay in your mind.  And when the explanation finally comes…the message is heard even louder and with more “punch” than if the message was sent using the full spelling.

After a while of using some of these sexy text abbreviations, you might even use them as a code when you’re with others…these sexy abbreviations most likely will end up on birthday cards and who knows what else.

Sexy Text Abbreviations aren’t just time saving – they are fun! Use them to tease the one you’re trying to impress or just make them laugh at your romantic humor.  Either way, you’re going to get some smiles from the one you are interested in.

Complete List of Sexy Text Abbreviations


831  –  I love you (8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning)


88  –  Hugs and kisses


6Y  –  Sexy


A3  –  Anytime, anywhere, anyplace


AML  –  All my love


BAE  –  Before anyone else


BAE  –  Meaning Babe or baby


BCOY  –  Big crush on you


BEG  –  Big evil grin


BG  –  Big grin


BGWM  –  Be gentle with me


BRBB  –  Be right back *babe*


BTYCL  –  Meaning ‘Bootycall’


CRBT   –  Crying really big tears


CUMID  –  See you in my dreams


D46?  –  Down for sex?


DDG  –  Drop dead gorgeous


DGYF  –  Dang, girl you fine


DH  –  Dear (or Darling) husband


DW  –  Dear (or Darling) wife


E2EG  –  Ear to ear grin


EG  –  Evil grin


EWG  –  Evil wicked grin (in fun, teasing)


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FIMH  –  Forever in my heart


FTBOMH  –  From the bottom of my heart


GDR  –  Grinning, ducking, and running


GGMSOT  –  Gotta get me some of that


GMBA  –  Giggling my butt off


GMTA  –  Great minds think alike


GMV  –  Got my vote


HAK  –  Hug and kiss


H2CUS  –  Hope to see you soon


HAGN  –  Have a good night


HFAC  –  Holy flipping animal crackers


ICFILWU  –  I could fall in love with you


ILU  –  I love you


ILYSM  –  I love you so much


ILY  –  I love you


IMU  –  I miss u (you)


ISLY  –  I still love you


IWALU  –  I will always love you


JELLY  –  Meaning “jealous”


JFF  –  Just for fun


JT (J/T)  –  Just teasing


KFY  –  Kiss for you


KMA  –  Kiss my *a*


KMK  –  Kiss my keister


KMT  –  Kiss my tushie


KOC  –  Kiss on cheek


KOL  –  Kiss on cheek


KOTC  –  Kiss on the cheek


KOTL  –  Kiss on the lips


KUTGW  –  Keep up the good work


LH6  –  Lets have sex


LHSX  –  Lets have sex


LOLO  –  Lots of love


LULT  –  Love you long time


LYLC  –  Love you like crazy


LYSM  –  Love you so much


MU  –  Miss U (you)


O4U  –  Only for you


OB  –  Oh baby


PFT  –  Pretty *freaking* tight


PTIYPASI  –  Put that in your pipe and smoke it


PYT  –  Pretty young thing


QT  –  Cutie


QTPI  –  Cutie pie


RMLB  –  Read my lips baby


SETE  –  Smiling Ear-to-Ear


SOMY  –  Sick of me yet?


SWMBO  –  She who must be obeyed. Meaning wife or partner


T4BU  –  Thanks for being you


TAU  –  Thinking about u (you)


TAUMUALU  –  Thinking about you miss you always love you


TD2M  –  Talk dirty to me


TDTM  –  Talk dirty to me


TOU  –  Thinking of you


TOY  –  Thinking of you


TTTT  –  These things take time


TWSS  –  That’s what she said


UDM  –  U (You) da (the) man


URA*  –  You are a star


URH  –  You are hot (U R Hot)


VBS  –  Very big smile


VEG  –  Very evil grin


WIIFM  –  What’s in it for me?


WISP  –  Winning is so pleasurable


WYWH  –  Wish you were here


XOXOXO  –  Hugs & Kisses


XLNT  –  Excellent


XLR8  –  Meaning “faster” or “going faster”


YGG  – You go girl


YOLO  –  You only live once


YTB  –  You’re the best


YTG  –  You’re the greatest



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