Sexting Examples – Create Sexual Tension & Unlock Chemistry


Sexting Examples

Create Sexual Tension & Unlock Chemistry

sexting examples


You can use our sexting examples below as your own, or you can simply learn from them to help inspire you to create your own.  Sexting is viewed as a prequel to foreplay.  It is like foreplay before foreplay, turning your partner on and creating sexual tension even before you touch each other in any way physically.

By Popular Request

We have recently “ramped up” the “intensity” of our sexting examples.  Please let us know in the comments at the bottom what you think.  Many of these Sexting Examples have several options for each sexting phrase.  Take your pick or change them up to your personal liking.

Please don’t limit yourself to the examples you run across online…and be ready for the exchange they will spark after the first one is sent.  Being playful is all you need to remember.  The more sexting examples you read and have in the back of your mind the more fun you are bound to have.  Keep in mind that just because you send naughty or even downright dirty texts doesn’t obligate you to act or speak that way in person, but it may lead to that…which should be even more fun!

#1 Sexting Goal & Point To Remember


Sexting is NOT the Goal…Sexting Is NOT supposed to be a means to climax…

Sexting IF done right will lead to MEMORABLE escapades IN PERSON.

The REAL GOAL – Face To Face Erotic Encounters

Sexting CAN BE a good temporary “fix” when separated

Before You Send Any of These Examples

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For Now, If It Feels Good Do It!

50 Top Sexting Examples

I know you’ve been thinking about doing/fucking/tasting me all day

Come here and kiss/lick/bite me

You’re getting hard thinking about touching/licking/fucking me, aren’t you?

You’re hot, but I’m gonna make you work for this

I know what you want, but I want you to ask/tell/beg me to give it to you

You’re mine tonight babe/baby/love/[his name], and I’m going to (fuck/suck/work) you hard

Good boy, just like that ; you make me feel soo good ;keep working it like that

You’ve been getting me all worked up/horny/wet

God, I’ve been thinking about you all day

I can’t wait to feel you against/inside me

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I love it when you look at me like that

Oh god, I want (you/this) so bad

I’m yours tonight baby

I want you to take/fuck/use me; Now tell me I’m your good girl

Oh, I love feeling you inside me/on top of me

Get down there and lick my pussy…and I mean now!

Tell me how good that pussy tastes/how wet I am/how hard I’ve made your cock

Keep going, suck that clit/lick that pussy/fuck me … harder/faster/slower/softer

Keep going, make me come with your mouth/tounge/cock

Look me in the eyes; I’m gonna suck that cock so good… (but I want you to beg me for it) or (but if you look away I stop)


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Get behind me/on top/on your knees and fuck my pussy till I come

You like it? You like that tight/wet/hot/little pussy? Tell me how much you love it…and if you convince me…I’ll let you cum

Lick this clean, baby/(his name) (finger yourself then hold out your hand… hot!)

Stand up and fuck my face/mouth/pussy

Give me that cum, I want to taste it

That’s it baby / (name), good job, keep working that pussy/cock

(I want to) (please) can I suck your cock?

Oh god, fuck me harder/don’t stop/give me that cock

Baby – (his name), oh god, I’m gonna come, Tell me I can cum now…hurry…please tell me I can cum !?


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Oh god, I can’t take it, oh don’t stop! please don’t stop!

My pussy’s so wet/you feel so huge/fill me up with that cock!

Fuck me baby/love/ (his name), use me like your dirty/filthy/good little girl

I want to feel you come inside me /fill me up/ fuck me raw!

Fuck my pussy /do whatever you want to me/ fuck me however you want, I want it bad/ I need it bad!

Oooh, you’re so big/huge/good, you’re making me wet/shake

Fuck me harder/faster, make my tits bounce! (make my tits shake!)

Fuck that cunt till I TELL you to stop!

Lick that pussy till I fucking come on your face!


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Sexy Texts For Her

Sexy Texts For Her


Fuck my pussy/cunt/ass like I own you!

You like that? You want to come in my pussy/cunt? Scream my fucking name! And it better be loud enough for the neighbors to hear you!

Fill me up with your cum, you filthy/dirty/worthless dirtbag

you need to Fuck me in my cunt NOW!

I’m your dirty fucking whore! Fuck me! (Use me!)

I want your cum in my mouth – time to fuck the pretty out of my face

Oh god, come on me (in me) (all over me!)

I want to choke on (gag on) your cock, fill my mouth with your cum!

Use me like your fuck-toy!

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Before You Send Any of These Examples

Check Out These Tips First!sexting tips


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