16 Sex Facts You Didn’t Know That Can Make Life Happier

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Know These 16 Fun Sex Facts – Live A Longer and Happier Life

16 Fun Sex Facts That Could Change Your Life

Patterns In Sexual Desire
Most women have an increase in sexual desire around the time that they ovulate each month. This is nature’s way of making sure the Earth stays well-populated.

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It Sounds Gross But…

Semen can be great for the facial pores and can even help with acne. The male-produced “facial cream” can also prevent wrinkles.  This little known sex fact is catching on and finding its way into main stream news casts…but even still…it’s not for everyone… Fun Sex Fact or not?



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A Headache Is A Bad Excuse

We’ve all heard the cliche “my head hurts” excuse for turning down sex. However, sex often helps with pain, especially with headaches.  Fun Sex Facts 101



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We’re Not Judging



Many straight men enjoy having their anal areas stimulated, and that is totally okay! Sexual experts say that the anal areas are packed full of nerves and can make a male orgasm so much better.  Now there’s a fun sex fact for him…maybe not her?



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1, 2, 3…And They Keep Coming!

Women can orgasm an unlimited amount of times. Men generally need a period of time after having an orgasm to recover. However, women need barely any time and are ready to go as many times as they please.  Yes, this IS a Sex Fact and not just a myth!  If your lady doesn’t experience at least one orgasm…you’re not doing it right ( excluding medical conditions and emotional issues of course)

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Men Are Erect…A Lot

It is said that many men experience about 11 erections every single day. While they may not be raging every single time, it does happen pretty often.


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Celery Can Arouse


Yes, celery. The pheromones in celery can cause arousal in men. In addition to the arousal, the vegetable also makes men who eat it more attractive to women.




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The Left Side Is The Best Side

A group of scientists found the upper left quadrant of the clitoral head is the most pleasurable spot to touch. So, it’s okay to tell him to go “a little to the left.” This is one of the best of the little known fun sex facts that can lead to YOUR Success!


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Orgasms Are Different

A man’s orgasm lasts about 22 seconds while a woman’s lasts about 18. It is also very common for it to be uncomfortable to pee after having sex because of an antidiuretic hormone that prevents urine from freely flowing.  That being said, if you can pee after sex, that’s a good thing.  Cleaning the pipes is good for preventing urinary tract infections…and for the guys…its great for preventing the “pee sprays” and “back pressure” created by small amounts of dried semen inside. (Gross but true!) Maybe not a fun sex fact?  Still a true sex fact!


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Get Your Heart Going



Sex is a great way of getting in your daily cardio exercise. During an orgasm, heart rates can reach between 140 and 180 bpm.




Lube Can Make A Difference

While lube is considered a sex tool for older people, many sexual experts say that a little lubricate can make the difference between pain and pleasure during sex. This doesn’t mean the woman is not turned on. Natural “lube” can come and go without any warning.



Penetration Is NOT The Secret

This Little Known Sex Fact is that most women do not orgasm from penetration alone. The majority of women need some type of clitoral stimulation to reach their climax. It has nothing to do with size or penetration.  Size Really Doesn’t Matter!

Everything Expands

The penis is not the only thing that grows during a sexual encounter. In fact, the testes grow by 50% and the vagina can double in size when aroused.  That is a sex fact you’ve probably never visualized…but you are right now!


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More Sex Makes You More Appealing

After having sex, a woman’s estrogen levels double. When estrogen levels are higher, a woman’s hair can look shinier and her skin can even feel softer.

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Have Sex, Live Longer



Scientists have found that orgasms can actually prolong your life. That’s right, the more sex you have, the longer you can live.


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Sex Everyday Keeps The Doctor Away

This last and final Sex Fact can actually help you stay healthy. Many doctors believe this is because sex can lower blood pressure and greatly decrease stress levels.  Have more Sex…Always!



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