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Making Love Tips

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Making Love Tips and Tricks for a Lifetime is truly just that…enough for a lifetime.  It has taken me almost 30 “Adult years” to compile this list.  I’ve purchased many many ebooks and self help books that from each resource I may have learned 2 or 3 making love tips and tricks that were actually worth using.

Here you can find them all together in one quick read. This resource doesn’t mince words.  There is no filler to make it take up twice as many pages as it needs to, largely because I’m putting it out there FREE!

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Making Love Tips Will Reveal Little Known These Insider Secrets To You:

  • ALL the personal hygiene you MUST pay attention to before making love
  • Kissing pointers you’ve not heard before
  • NEW ideas for initiating sex
  • Tips for bringing women to orgasm
  • Tricks on how to last longer for men
  • Trick on how to use a shower curtain for a most memorable love making session
  • All the “special touches” women love and men never think about
  • How to use vibrators “correctly”
  • Secret for women to get him to do exactly what they like
  • Foods to avoid for better tasting love making
  • Sexy Teases that will lead to making love memories
  • Do It Yourself Sensual artwork ideas
  • Lots of Foreplay tips and tricks that will get your wheels turning
  • Toys that will take you both to the moon and back
  • Sexy grocery list
  • Phone Sex and Sexting tips
  • Guide to a Woman’s Erogenous Zones
  • and Much Much More!

This Guide May Not Be Free for much longer, so Hurry!

The Making Love Tips and Tricks starts with the most basic love making tips for the youngest teen and works all the way up to “Cougar” status.

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Now Includes The Love Making Trick of All Time!  See Page 40 For One Technique That You’re Gonna Absolutely Flip Over!

(This technique is something the guy should do – Ladies – pay special attention to this one – Tell Him To Do This Tonight – He Will Thank You and you will Beg For him to do it again!)

 We encourage you to share this file with as many people as you are comfortable sharing it with too!  Making Love Tips and Tricks should not be kept so secret.  Life truly is short.  Learn to be all you can be and Do all you can Do…You’ll only regret not having done it sooner.

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  1. You have made some really good points and revealed secrets I’ve never heard.
    I can’t wait to try them out! Thanks!

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