How To Sext With Success

How To Sext

How to Sext With Success

Knowing how to sext isn’t something you’re born with…what you’re doing may seem to be working just fine, but could you be getting more “Action” between the sheets instead?  The best sexts are like great foreplay—they’re quite arousing – but you should always remember to leave a little to the imagination.


How many times can you hear the old faithful phrase “tell me what you’re wearing” and still somehow end up in a hot steamy exchange?  It can be done…but why not bypass those ancient ways and step it up a bit?

As anyone interested in becoming more affluent in his/her sexting techniques I searched the internet and found all kind of good and bad advice.  So instead of doing a “book report” I decided to go with what I know from experience…and YES…I have experience!



hot n spicy how to sext tipHow To Sext Tip #1

Sexting is about both fantasy and real life.  Follow one or the other, or mix the two with each other.  Nobody likes to be put on the spot…so be prepared to start the topic yourself…if your partner takes it somewhere else you like better then roll with that…Just remember this is not about finding the perfect movie scene…it’s all about your interaction.  Try to create the give and take of a real sexual encounter.  Remember that sharing sexts is actually a step towards building and strengthening your relationship in an indirect way.

How To Start Sexting Example – Intro #1 : I’m so bored at work right now…my mind keeps picturing us sneaking up to the roof top of my office building…

How To Start Sexting Example – Intro #2 :  I just got out of the shower and decided there was no reason to put clothes on…for some reason that made me think of you

How To Sext Example  – Intro #3 : I was daydreaming about something really stupid just now (wait for reply)  It’s always been a fantasy of mine to seduce a stranger who comes to my front door…you know like a pizza delivery man or a repairman.  Isn’t that stupid?  (his reply will be something like NO of course not!)  Sexts like this one can actually lead to a real life enactment of said fantasy…what’s better than that?


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hot n spicy how to sext tipHow To Sext Tip  #2

Sexting should not be the avenue to physical climax, not always anyway!  Sexting should be what a couple dabbles in when they can’t be together.  Alternatively, sexting can be an outlet for strangers in the night with continents between them. This article will focus on real life couples who are trying to spice things up.

There is a time and a place for everything.  So let your sexting build up the tension between the two of you and find a way to let it go almost all the way before pulling back and putting that carrot in front of your horse.

So why are we starting with the end at the beginning of the article?  It’s always best to know where you’re going before you get there, at least in the general sense.  So when you start to share sexts…you should know ahead of time how far you will go…kinda like in the real world right?

How To Sext Example Closing #1 : I’m feeling so excited right now if we go any further I’m gonna mess my pants (panties) up and then what will we have to look forward to when I see you next?  After all if you’re gonna make me cum don’t you wanna be here to enjoy it with me?

How To Sext Example Closing #2 : I’m breathing really hard right now and my heart is pumping full blast…I know you’re feeling it too…so when can we finish this “properly”?


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hot n spicy how to sext tipHow To Sext Tip  #3

Demand a reply as much as you possibly can…everything you say should be interactive – statements that cannot go unanswered are the ones that get the best reactions

Interaction Example #1 : I love the way your body feels when your skin is glistening with a thin film of sweat…now I’m starting to feel wet all over too, maybe I should go take a shower right now and talk to you later?

Interaction Example #2 :  I’m starting to feel a burn travelling inside me…it’s getting hotter and hotter…and I can feel my heart beats in my ear lobes!  What are you doing to me!

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hot n spicy how to sext tipHow To Sext Tip #4

There will be pauses between sexts…don’t get flustered…sometimes your partner has a real world distraction.  Somebody walks into the room, a phone call…whatever.  If and when this happens, you can either just wait quietly, or send another hot steamy sext every 2 minutes or so to let them know you’re still “on the hook” and to keep that tension between you to alive.

Paused Interaction Example #1 : Your silence has me mystified…I’m imagining you standing behind a table or chair trying to hide your excitement right now

Paused Interaction Example #2 : You’re probably keeping pressure on your fully engorged stiffness while trying to keep a straight face right now….well even if you aren’t…I’m still dripping wet thinking about you


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hot n spicy how to sext tipHow To Sext Tip #5

When things get awkward…revert to what was working without apologizing – Never interrupt the flow

Awkward Reversal Example #1 : we both know that tight little hole has only one purpose don’t we?  But, knowing you, you just can’t help but want to experience every inch of my delicious body, so I can’t blame you for trying…hehe.  Grabbing your rigid throbbing wand and spinning you around…Spanks your Ass!  Bad Boy!

Awkward Reversal Example #2 : Dirty Slut?  Sweetheart I don’t do this with just anybody or everybody…just know that you’re extremely special to have gotten as far as you have with me…but I’ll let you off the hook just this once…as long as you’re willing to make it up to me!  Tell me how you would like to make it up to me…and it better involve your tongue!

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hot n spicy how to sext tipHow To Sexting Tip #6

And the biggest question most have about sexting is…..drum roll please….

How do I know what to actually say and what provocative words do I use?

There are thousands of porn star quality phrases and words that YOU probably think you should use…but in reality, that’s just not true!  In order for YOUR sexting to be a success…you must always be YOURSELF.  It’s really that easy AND it’s really that important too.

If you’re quiet and or introverted by nature, then sexting porn quality phrases will go against your grain and create a false expectation for your partner when the two of you are together in person.  On the other hand, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone while sexting can help you let go when you’re together as well.  So push yourself – yes…become something you’re not – NO.

If you’ve followed the previous steps so far, all you really need to focus on is visualizing the scene that the two of you have created together.  Then describe what YOU see in that scene with a few adjectives in as much detail as YOU are both comfortable with AND that your partner won’t be offended by.


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hot n spicy how to sext tipHow To Sexting Tip #7

Where to stop and when?  Well, that is a tough question that will always depend on the day and the circumstances.  If you’re more than a few hours from seeing each other…then refer to step #2.  Save the “climax” for when you’re together in person.  If you’re dealing with someone who is potentially “killing time” and has never followed through in the flesh….then ALWAYS stop before the big finish.

Again, This article was written for those who are in a relationship with the person they are sexting, whether it be in it’s infancy or a long term committed relationship.

Knowing How To Sext Will Help You To Know Your Partner Even Better – It’s an investment worth making!

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