How To Overcome Shyness With Women

how to overcome shyness with women

How To Overcome Shyness with Women

Learning how to overcome shyness around women is more practice than learning.  All shy men eventually have to reach deep down inside and grab their proverbial balls and “pretend” to not be shy in order to take the first step in creating a new romantic relationship.

If you were to rely on your shyness, then SHE would have to ask you out first, she would have to hold your hand first, she would have to kiss you first and so on.

That is NOT what most women want from a man.

They want , need and desire a man who is confident and can take control of a situation and deliver a good end result.

Being too shy to ask her out only disqualifies you immediately.

Dating is not like the lottery.  You don’t buy a ticket and stand in the shadows waiting to see if your number is called. If you want something bad enough, you just have to go after it.

It’s been said that change will occur when it hurts more not to change. So how bad does it hurt watching that other guy make the connection with the lady you’ve had eyes on for so long ?

Women love honesty. What they don’t love is insecurity, lack of confidence and or direction. Women like to see someone with strength and just as much, someone who is working to better themselves.

How To Overcome Shyness With HONESTY

It’s fine to admit that you’re nervous…once or twice. You might even be able to use that to your advantage in the beginning. “Hi Michelle, I’m kind of nervous about asking you this, but I realized that if I don’t, then I’ll just end up regretting it later…so…Michelle, I think we would have a great time if we went out for a few drinks. How about Friday night you help prove me right?”

***Here we see honesty at its finest AND we see confidence lurking in the background. You’re asking her to help prove you right***

Insecurity & Confidence – How YOU Can Overcome Shyness Quickly

Shyness in most cases is a big neon sign that shouts “insecurity” and lack of confidence. Instead of admitting how shy you’ve always been your whole life, you can still be honest and take the next step to confidence by saying something more like “I used to be incredibly shy, but I’ve been working to put that completely in my past. A year ago I would have been too shy to ask you out…but not any more…”

Don’t let yourself continue to convince you that you’ll always be shy, start convincing yourself that is in the past and that you are making great progress.

Exercise Your Sexy Texts Muscle

Something I’ve told my son many times is that practice makes perfect. Ya gotta get your feet wet before you go out into the sea fishing for thee “big one”

So what ways can a shy guy practice his skills with interacting with the opposite sex? There are many many ways…some will be your style and some won’t.

Practice by going to a strip club. Not only will the scenery be excellent but the girls will talk to you as long as you buy a few drinks or tips them often enough. Sure it’s “fake” but so what? You in return are getting a “feel” for interaction with the ladies…they will actually let you know in honest ways if your conversation is at least interesting. I’m not suggesting that this form of practice become a habit…but it is good practice all the same.


Not Ready For Face To Face Interaction?  Learn How To Overcome Shyness Online!

IF the strip club isn’t quite your thing, another very safe option is to start chatting in chat rooms online. Beware of all the scams that want your credit card #, but in the mean time you CAN exercise your new confidence skills. This isn’t much, but it is a start. Alternatively, try a online virtual world game such as Second Life. Go to clubs and practice introducing yourself to ladies and asking them to dance. As a rule, try to never say something that you wouldn’t or couldn’t say in your “real life” and test out what works and what doesn’t…just don’t get too involved and let it become your first life instead of your second life.

Sites like Rendevous Chat and are just a couple chat sites to get your feet wet in.

How To Overcome Shyness By Roleplaying
friends zoned

And then you could try a different kind of practice. More than likely, you’ve been “friend-zoned” by at least one female friend you were interested in. Ask her to come over to your place or offer to go to her place for pizza and ask her, as a friend of course, to help you role play a few scenarios for asking women out. Try your moves on her, and then you can get a real live woman’s perspective on what you’re doing right and wrong…Not only will you learn something…but you’re bound to have a few laughs and a good time doing it. Who knows, maybe she might end up helping your with your kissing skills after a few drinks? It could happen right?

Teach Yourself What Works For You & How To Overcome Shyness In YOUR Life

Everyday you go places, shopping for groceries, clothes etc. Try to force grocery store meetingyourself to spark up conversations along the way. Don’t forget the waitress, the bartender, cashier, anyone and everyone can be your next experiment. Even if you don’t get to make a move and ask someone out, just talking with strangers can be “freeing” if you’ve lived a life filled with shyness. Remember, for every success there are a hundred failed attempts. In reality that may or may not be accurate, but the thought behind it is 100% true. You Will Fail! Many times. Get used to it! Until you’ve failed you can not truly succeed.

Practice talking to women everywhere you go, and before long it will feel like second nature.  Only when you start taking these steps will you learn how to overcome shyness with the opposite sex.

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  1. I wont lie i got alot of advice for dealing with women from hanging out at a strip club. Vegas girls deal with so many different types of guys you can learn what not to do

  2. loved your article… The choice of role playing is full proof tried it and got a kiss lesson… i was honest and truely i achieved my desires.

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