How To Make Him Want You Again – More Than When You Met

Make Him Want You Again


Whether it’s been 3 years…or 23 years…sexual spark almost always fades in a relationship. Have you lied in bed at night and wondered how to make him want you again? Here are a few ideas to bring it blazing back like it was in the beginning and possibly even more!


Let’s Look at the Cold Hard Facts

Men in their 40’s, 50’s and EVEN their late 30’s start to “lose” their Libidos!  When a couple has been together for any period of time things always seem to “dwindle”  sometimes they “fizzle”.  And IF YOU are like almost every other red blooded woman out there…you get frustrated, angry, and end up feeling rejected.  Don’t Let Yourself fall for that baloney!  It really does more often that not boil down to brain chemistry and hormones and so on.  The Good News Is You CAN Do Something About It !

NOTE: These instructions work for ALL relationships!  It does NOT MATTER if you are in a NEW relationship, 3 year, 7 year, 14 year, 21 year or even longer relationship…THESE METHODS WILL WORK FOR YOU!  Don’t get caught up in the simplicity of this post, sometimes you need to stick your neck out and be a little bit cheesy if you really expect results.  And if this post doesn’t “do it” for you, THEN we have MORE options at the bottom of the page so don’t leave this page until you’ve read it all!

Desperate in Sandusky wrote: “I would love to hear what you have to say about this. My husband and I have been married for 26 years and have two children. We raised a 23 year old daughter, she is now gone from our home, and our son is 15. We have a good marriage and a decent sex life for the most part, but at times the spark goes up and down. After 26 years of marriage how do you … keep the spark present sexually and move forward in life?”

Felicity Keith Replies:

“First of all, congratulations on such a long marriage! Twenty six years together is impressive.”

“As you mentioned, it is totally normal that your sex life will experience some ups and downs.”

“Each of us (men & women alike) deal with fluctuations in hormones and other biological processes that have an effect on our libidos as we age. Also, after long periods of time together, it’s normal to develop some routines and automatically know our partner’s preferences.”

“These routines can end up making sex predictable and un-fulfilling…”
“Predictability can definitely become boring leaving you both aching for more.”

“My best advice is to purposely switch things up. Adding in something different can amp up the amount of dopamine that both of your brains will release giving that extra Ba-Da-Boom which will prove this is a good way to Make Him Want You More!”

Would you like to know how to break through the walls of the most guarded men? 

 “When sex becomes routine, our brains don’t fire off as much of the pleasure chemical. And that leaves us feeling less inspired about sex. But it’s quite easy to remedy the situation by adding in some unexpected twists to the regular sexual plot line.”

How To Make Him Want You Idea #1

You can do a simple thing like try a different room or time of day. Go ahead and get busy in the kitchen. Or surprise him in the shower one morning for a before-work quickie. Just changing the room to someplace other than your bedroom or doing it in the morning vs. at night is an easy way to give you both a sexual charge.  Such small things are great ways on how to make him want you MORE.

How To Make Him Want You Idea #2

Another idea to try is getting into “character” and doing some role playing.  Even go so far as to wear a wig, stripper shoes, or whatever else you think might “ring his bell”.  The illicit thrill of making love to someone new isn’t something you talk about…but when that someone new is YOU, well then…no objections, right?

Could you use special insight on the language that men speak, being able to recognize clues and signals they give you in the words they choose and the actions they make during your conversations?

How To Make Him Want You Idea #3

You could also try setting up a date with your “ole man” at a restaurant in a part of town that is new to both of you.  Tell him what time to meet you there and THEN, show up with that wig on, clothes that you would never wear, makeup on in ways you never do, the whole nine yards.  When you see him, walk up and “hit” on him as if you’re a stranger.  Take it from there…flirt like you’ve never flirted before!  IF this doesn’t answer your question of  How To Make Him Want You Again – I don’t know what will!

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How To Make Him Want You Idea #4

Try out some of’s Sexy Texts For Him !  Start Seducing him over text during the day while he’s at work a little bit at a time…build some sexual tension…and sooner or later he might just come home with a new found “itch” that only YOU can Scratch!  Check out SexyText101’s Most Popular Post Here!  Click The Image Below and Start Texting NOW.

sexy texts to send him

How To Make Him Want You Idea #5

Let him see you sweat!  Normally you’d want to keep your cool in front of him and not let him see you struggling with anything…But if you put on the right outfit and did a fairly easy workout routine in the living room of your house while he’s home he might appreciate your efforts to look good for him a little more.  Let’s face it, All men LOVE Yoga pants, right?  Even if YOU think you don’t look so good in them – HE DOES!  It’s a well documented fact that women are so much more critical of themselves than their significant others are.  So Shake that booty in front of him.  It’s healthy, good for you, good for him to see your efforts, AND it might even put him in the “mood”.

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I admit, some of this may sound cheesy and corny but all of these ideas are simple ways to break out of your normal everyday patterns. You’ll be surprised at how much a little surprise and novelty will bring back that spark.  Why not prove to yourself  that these are truly ways how to make him want you again by trying one out tonight?

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