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Hopeless Romantic Quiz

Cross Some Off – Add Some To Your Bucket List! Do you Want to be MORE Romantic?  Do you THINK you are the King or Queen of Romance already?  Find Out NOW!

Hopeless romantics believe in love and fairy tales. They dream of roses and candlelight, walking on the beach at sunset, and dancing in the rain. They know that somewhere out there is a knight in shining armour ready to carry them off, or a beautiful princess waiting to be carried off into the sunset. Hopeless romantics believe in true love, and the eternal bliss that comes from being united with one’s soulmate is what they crave most.


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1. Watched a sunset or sunrise together?
2. Taken showers together?
3. Back rubs/massages given to each other?
4. Do you believe in "love at first sight"?
5. Which of the following best describes your idea of the ideal date?
6. Whispered sweet nothings to each other?
7. Cooked for each other? (Only counts if you BOTH have cooked for each other)
8. In which of the following places or manners would you feel best proposing marriage or being proposed to?
9. Made out in the rain?
10. What do you do with all the love letters you've received from your mate?
11. Listened to your lover snore with a smile while watching them?
12. Wear your partners clothes - or had them worn by your partner?
13. Handed him/her a $100 dollar bill and said to go buy something nice for no reason?  (Anything over $50 counts)
14. taken a Bubble bath together?
15. Gone for a long walk down a beach together?
16. Wrote poetry for your partner?
17. You are sitting in the audience of a wedding. You don't know the bride or groom very well. While they are saying their vows, you would most likely be:
18. Given random gifts of flowers/candy/poetry without an occassion??
19. Support your lover even when you totally disagree with a decision they've made? (and done so lovingly!)?
20. Looked into each other’s eyes without ever speaking...letting your eyes do all the talking?
21. Met your partner at the front door upon returning home from work, taken their coat...their shoes off, and served them for the whole evening?
22. Taken a weekend trip to the destination your mate loves...done all they love to do...and enjoyed it?
23. Which of the following items would you prefer as a gift from your significant other for your birthday?
24. Put love notes in your lifemate’s pockets when they aren’t looking?
25. Bought jewelry for no reason?
26. Finished a meal cooked by your beloved even when it tasted terrible...and complimented it?
27. Keep something special of your wife’s or your husband’s somewhere where you see it everyday?
28. Sang to each other?
29. Read to each other?
30. Held your wife or husband's hand, stared into their eyes, kiss their hand and then put it over your heart?
31. In your opinion, the perfect wedding ceremony would be:
32. Sit in front of a roaring fire and make out/make love?
33. Spent time watching your lover sleep...smiling so wide you almost creeped yourself out?
34. Carry your wife to bed. ( or been carried to bed)?
35. hide love notes in weird places (refrigerator, roll of toilet paper, etc)?
36. Do cute things like write “I love you” on the mirror with your finger so when its steamed up you can see it?
37. Mailed a letter or a card to your lover at work?
38. Asked your partners parents for advice on a special gift?
39. To you, Valentine’s Day is:
40. Remember your dreams and tell your sweetheart about them?
41. Sit in your car in the driveway, honk, then blow your lover a kiss as you leave for work?
42. Do you remember your first kiss with your current mate?
43. Be Prince/Princess Charming to your lifemate’s parents?
44. given pet names to your partners body parts?
45. Sent flowers to your mates office?
46. Left a card on your mates car where they work?
47. Learned to say sweet things in foreign languages, including sign language?
48. Dedicated songs to them on the radio or at the club?
49. Fall asleep on the phone with each other?
50. Stand up for your lifemate when someone says unkind things to or about them? Defended their honor?
51. Never forget the kiss goodnight. And always remember to say, “Sweet dreams, or I love you”
52. Groom your spouse. Brushed your wife’s hair when she gets out of the shower? Shaved your husband’s face? Groomed 'other" areas?
53. Been waiting at your mates car when they get off work as a surprise?
54. Bought 11 real roses and one fake one…left a note that says I’ll love you until the last rose dies… ???
55. In your opinion, which of the following anniversaries are worth celebrating or acknowledging: (Check all that apply)
56. Snuck up behind your lover and literally kissed their "butt" with your lips...because you love them that much?

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