How To Write Flirty Texts That Get Answers

Flirty Texts That Build Anticipation

How To Write Flirty Texts That Get Answers

We’ve all had an experience where no matter how hard we tried, the person we wanted to get closer to just didn’t take our bait. So what can you do better? How can YOU spark in that special someone a desire to see you? What can you say to them that will make them want to know you more?  Here you will learn 7  Simple Opening Flirty Texts that will create a magnetic desire to know you more.  With these texting openers you can get them to take the hook and run with it even if they are only a tiny bit interested in you!  Start creating sparks of interest that they never knew they had Today!

The main principle here is “Delayed Gratification”.  We all are wired to want the full story right now…yet when we don’t get it right now…we anticipate when we will get it and how great it might be.  It’s called Marketing.  Your local 6 O’clock new does it every night when they tease you with half of a story and tell you to tune back in at a certain time to hear the rest.  We need to do more of this with our texting  and stop blurting out the whole story on everything.  This principle works great for both new or developing relationships AND older more mature relationships.  Some might call it being a tease…but don’t we all honestly like the excitement of anticipation?


Flirty Texts Opener #1

I Had a Dream About You Last Night…

Send that text to anyone and they are immediately going to want to know what the dream was about.  You can choose to tell them a detail or two…BUT don’t tell them the whole thing…INSTEAD tell them you’ll give them the rest of the details when you see them next.  Instantly they will want 2 things…the first is to know the rest of the dream and the second is to see you sometime soon.

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Flirty Texts Opener #2

My Hands Are…flirty texts including your hands are...

There are so many places you can take this opener…but the key is to create an image in their mind WITHOUT actually saying what you want them to think.


My hands are kinda busy right now…down there...but I couldn’t help but txt you and let you know I was thinking about you.

My hands are in the middle of a really wet situation (or really hard situation for guys) right now…but I couldn’t help but stop myself to let you know I’m still thinking about you

Of course you’ll get a response that assumes you’re doing something dirty.  That’s when you come back with an innocent reply such as:

I was sorting out the bottom of my closet looking for the belt I lost!  You have a really dirty mind don’t you?!  I kinda like that ;)

I was just washing dishes (or I was just scrubbing the floors)!  Somebody has their mind in a gutter now don’t they?

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Flirty Texts Opener #3

You’ll Get Yours…don't worry you'll get yours soon enough

Start out with any of your normal texts…”hi, how you doin?”  “what’s up”  “having a good day” or whatever else you normal text as an opener.  THEN if you get a response, come back with any sentence you can come up with finishing with “you’ll get yours”.


Reply:  “Ugggh just another crappy day at the office”

Your Response: ”  No pain no gain…I’m sure you’ll get yours very very soon”

Reply:  “Busy busy…not enough time in the day to get everything done”

Your Response:  “All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy…you’ll get yours when the time is right”

Of course never reply until they do…

The “You’ll Get Yours” will leave a question in their mind instantly and they will have to know what you meant.  When they ask just what you meant by that…once again…set the hook, and tell them you’ll be happy to tell them or even show them the next time you see them.  BOOM.  Stick to your guns and tell them in person !

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Flirty Texts Opener #4

You’ll Never Guess…question mark


“You’ll never guess what you did in my dream last night”

“You’ll never guess what made me think of you today”

“You’ll never guess what keeps going through my mind every time I think about you…”

“You’ll never guess what image I saw burnt into my toast this morning…”

More than likely, they will reply wanting to know the rest of the story.

 Instead of just spilling the beans…and completing your sentence…tell them you’ll be happy to share the rest with them over coffee…a drink…or wherever else seems appropriate.  Offer a trade…make them a deal…etc.  Reply that you’d rather tell them in person so you can see the look on their face when you tell them…Build that anticipation!  Then don’t forget to deliver!

Flirty Texts Opener #5

Too Bad …

It’s too bad you’re not here right now…

It’s too bad you can’t see me tonite…

It’s too bad you have to work tomorrow…

It’s too bad you can’t ever get away for lunch…

Of course never reply until they do…

Potential Replies:

Cuz if you were I’d show you something you could never forget…

If you were able to see me tonite…well we don’t even need to go there if you can’t see me, right?

If you were off tomorrow and we hung out we could….oh well…never mind…you have to work and we can’t change that…right?

If we did get to have lunch, …well…I’m sure you wouldn’t remember the food…but no worries…that could change right?

Each of these replies creates something in the mind of the recipient – mystery – anticipation – promise – curiosity.  Those are the things that will create sparks!

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Flirty Texts Opener #6

Just Took a Shower…create an image of you in the shower

Hey you, I just took a shower, and now I feel even dirtier than before I got in…

Hi there, just got out of the shower…and…well…it was like…

Just took a shower…and guess what?

Of course never reply until they do…

Potential Replies:

All I could think of was you…and all that soap and shampoo and conditioner…I better stop there

Well…it was like there was too much conditioner and not enough you…

I didn’t get very clean…all I could do was daydream about a certain person

NOTE:  Don’t take the conversation to the next level…always suggest I’ll tell you the rest when I see you next…I’d rather tell you in person…or see the look in your eyes…or watch you squirm when I tell the rest!

Flirty Texts Opener #7

Hey Would You Be Mad If I …strip club

“hey would you be mad if I kissed a girl?”

“hey would you be mad if I went to a strip club?”

“hey, would you be mad if I went to Hustler of Hollywood on a shopping trip?

Of course never reply until they do…

Potential Replies:

“I’m not saying I would or that I’m going to …I just wanted to know if you might be a little bit jealous if I did…bet you’d wanna watch huh?”

“Hey, not saying I’m going to, but IF I did…would it make a difference if I was thinking of you when I got a lap dance?”

“What if I got something we could share?”


Hopefully these examples lead you on the right path to create enough tension and even more curiosity in the one you are pursuing to make them wonder about you more than they were before.  Nobody wants a prize that doesn’t require effort…make them work for it!  And when they do…you’ll get to see where you really stand.  Good Luck!

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