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cute things to say to your boyfriend


These little quick texts are filled with cute things to say to your boyfriend and / or your girlfriend.  IF you’re like the average red blooded horny American, then you too are always on the hunt for something new to dazzle your intimate partner with.  We could write a big long article from describing what you want and what you need and why…but honestly, why bother? We at SexyText101 know you don’t like, need or want filler content.  So Scroll Away !

You gonna be alone tonight?  Wanna play a game?

I was thinking of you in the shower this morning….for a very long time

See you soon, I’ve got a sexy surprise for you

What should I wear tonight?  You pickbackseat steamy windows

You, me, my (your) car, steamy windows…what time should I pick you up?

When you’re around, everything just starts throbbing inside…

Feel like screaming tonight?  Stop by my place

Sometimes I daydream about playing with your hair…and other things

I love the way you push my buttons just the right way

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I don’t need to watch porn anymore.  One look at your sexy body keeps me excited


Why are you keeping me starved?

If you could read my mind, you might start feeling shy around me…how would I feel if I could read your mind?

How can you turn me on so much just by looking at me?

What are your plans for us later tonight?  Want to eat something delicious?

Your wardrobe needs updated…how about trying me on?

Had a dream about you last night… you were naked…

Had a revelation today…I’m pretty sure I can cum just by looking at your [fill in the blank]


Remember that line in the movie ‘I likes to eat a peach”?  Just thought I’d let you know (I do too) (I’ve got a real juicy peach)

how hungry are you







How does a date with me and a large jar of chocolate syrup sound?


More Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend / Girlfriend

I can’t stop visualizing us getting busy in your office

I’ve got a BIG surprise for you…it’s gonna blow your mind…it’s waiting for you in my pants

Did you tell me to ‘come and get it’ with your eyes last night?

My favorite thing on desserts is whipped cream…will you let me put some on you?

I’ve got a perfect plan for us tonight…but it involves my bed…wanna hear the rest of the plan?

Just to let you know, I’m a “rider”

Why am I sooo horny and you’re soooo far away?

I think I need a doctor for this little love disease that I seem to have…would you be willing to examine me from top to bottom?

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Ever heard the saying “If it feels good do it”?  I was just thinking to myself that You feel good…what should I do?

You left me so turned on last night…I need you to either switch it off or finish it

You know that tie I really like of yours?  How about we use that tonight?

Don’t workout too hard at the gym…you’re gonna need to save some energy for me

How about we skip dinner tonight and eat something else?

We should stay in a hotel tonight…I’m pretty sure my neighbors would appreciate not having to hear all that pounding noise and screaming

You have hypnotic cleavage – As soon as I see it my eyes are mesmerized

That bulge in your pants is driving me crazybulge in your pants

Your dessert is HOT and READY for you

Do you know any tricks I can use to get your hot wet kisses out of my mind and back on my work?

Did you think of me while you were showering?

Wish I had a bottle of your scent I could carry with me while you’re away…

Even More Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend and or Girlfriend

couple in showerLet’s get dirty tonight and then wash it off each other in the shower

I am so into you….all I can think about is being “in” you

I’m thirsty for something “sweet and salty”…when can I see you?

Send me a picture of you nobody else has ever seen?!

I lost something…can I look for it in your pants?

Can you wear a dress or skirt tonight?  My hands have been so restless lately

It’s been so hot today…think I’m gonna take off all my clothes and just lay on my bed…see you in ten?

I have a JOB opportunity for you – interested?

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I was cooking with strawberries, and now I’m covered in their juices…would you be in to licking it off me?

Just typed this text with 1 hand…the other hand is busy…how soon can you get here?

Texting is cool, but wouldn’t it be even better if you came over here and sat on top of me?

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