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Tips To Make Him Fall For You

tips to make him fall for you Tips To Make Him Fall For You Tips To Make Him Fall For You – In All Stages of Your Relationship…it is totally possible to keep that spark so hot and alive that he will ALWAYS see you as the gem you are and the one of a kind pearl you’ve always knew you were and wanted […] Continue reading →

How To Overcome Shyness With Women

how to overcome shyness with women How To Overcome Shyness with Women Learning how to overcome shyness around women is more practice than learning.  All shy men eventually have to reach deep down inside and grab their proverbial balls and “pretend” to not be shy in order to take  the first step in creating a new romantic relationship. If you were […] Continue reading →

Sexy Memes To Share With Your Lover

Sexy Memes Sexy Memes Everybody loves Sexy Memes, right?  After all they are so convenient to share on your lovers “wall” even when you’re super shy otherwise.  Feel free to share any or all of these sexy memes…and better yet…leave us a link to one of your favorites in the comments below!   Requests For Custom Sexy […] Continue reading →

How To Sext With Success

How To Sext How to Sext With Success Knowing how to sext isn’t something you’re born with…what you’re doing may seem to be working just fine, but could you be getting more “Action” between the sheets instead?  The best sexts are like great foreplay—they’re quite arousing – but you should always remember to leave a little to the […] Continue reading →

Adult Quiz Start Page

adult quiz leader boards and start quiz links SexyText101 Adult Quiz Start Page Browse our many adult quizzes below and prepare yourself for searching your memories with laughter.  Don’t forget to Share your results with your friends! Take the Slut Quiz Here Take The Weird Places I Had Sex Quiz Here!   Take the How Romantic Are You Quiz Here Take the Weird […] Continue reading →